Original IP and Merchandising

Focusing on digital entertainment and related education market in China, we are committed in IP creation and related all media merchandising development and operation. Out of our cult of self-content and all-media merchandising, we reach out across industries, technologies, media and boundaries, combining tradition with state-of-art both visual and audio, to lay out, design, invest and produce, integrating and incorporating in creation talents and resources, to achieve maximized market shares all media and whole industry in the country, to have our eco business based in and consolidated in digital edutainment.


Film and Television Production

Based on professional expertise and edges in the domain, Dreamland boasts wealth of    capacity and experiences in film and television production, creation designing, CG, VR/AR and all-media technology R&D, with impressive track records in animation production and co-production, commercials, etc. Our production management team was one of Chinese private enterprises who speared ahead for film and slate co-financing-production for both features and animation with Hollywood and counterparts in Europe, Japan and S. Korea, if not the only one.


Theme Park

Interacting with our film and television production, as well as our VFX and new media business operation and expansion, incorporating in related state-of-arte tech and preferential supporting policy portfolio by local governments in China, we endeavor to explore, lay out, design, push forward and promote theme park business and related merchandising with best cost-effective solution.In accordance with our strategy and commitment in echo business build-up for all media and whole industry digital edutainment, we stand by our business philosophy and policy in our work and operation, carrying out our all-media whole-industry literacy and pursuit, persisting in excellence and originality. We integrate and incorporate in related talents and resources at home and overseas, reaching out across industries, media, materials and technologies, to bridge in self-content with physical presentation orchestrating both entertainment and education, matching knowledge with enthusiasm, chording in participation with interaction.


New Media

In interaction and accordance with our film and television production, as well as our VFX and theme park business, we endeavor in the field to goal and achieve our echo business build-up for all media and whole industry digital edutainment. We believe that the key and way to ultimate success in new media in this part of the world are dependent on combining and maintaining multi-balances between IP and know-how, local wisdom and international literacy, domestic angle and multi-culture perspective, persistence and consistence vs reality sense and sensitivity, while pursuing and persisting excellence and originality throughout.