TUTU Ocean Exploration

Brand: Wonderfulland

Brand & Logo: Tutu Ocean Exploration

Brand idea:Children’s dream influences the future!


Material:PET, ivory board (quality), wax crayon (eco-friendly)

Target Age: 3-12

Product size: Box 235mm*235mm*45mm, Crayon 7.5cm*1.0cm, ivory board 230mm*230mm


Wonderlfulland AR Picture Album

AR tech and multi-material creative arts integrated, children being trained in painting, color creation and imagination, while painting what they just learned.

Multiple materials for creative originality, increasing children interest in and creativity of knowledge, and freeing children's imagination and creativity.


Children Storytelling & Painting

1、Children can create the unique images in their stories.

2、Children can choose the unique backgrounds, characters, etc., create the stories they like.

3、Children can record and share the unique stories they imagined and created.

4、 Stimulate and train children's creativity and imagination as above


 Alphabet Planet

Our target is 3-8 years children

Our product is easy to play

Our content is VR/AR HCI

Our goal is teach through lively activities

We Provide cognitive learning, logical thinking, strategic layout and social exercise


 Super Chef

With the training of children’s hands and sound judgment, children act as super chef, hit the drum to make rhythmic sound, make the pot stir-fry, the rhythmic will control the cook.

Hardware: 1 sound receiver, 1 display, 1  environmental decoration kit.


TUTU Mirror Space

The miracle Mirror Space, children are able to enter into TUTU’s world, play with animals and fish draw by themselves, feeding them and take photos with them.

Hardware: 1 motion control device, 1 optical device, 1 display, 1  environmental decoration kit.

Mirror Space——Undersea

A beautiful encounter with small fish

Mirror Space——Fitting room

Try your new clothes in the fitting room. You're the big star.

Mirror Space——Star sign

Have a star tour, to be the most beautiful star.