Our Team

Gu Yingxin
Chairwoman   General Manager

Graduated with BA in economy from Nankai University, Tianjin, China, Madam Gu is a front-runner entrepreneur in digital edutainment business in Tianjin, with senior and profound experiences and capacity in management and business development. Established with wealth of career achievements, insights, contact and resource networks across industries and fields in the region and across the country, she remains constantly entrepreneurial, active, dynamic and devoted in eco business build-up in all-media whole industry digital edutainment. She has been acting for years as Director of China Association of Youth New Media, Director of China Animation Association, Vice Chairman of Tianjin Animation Association, Executive Vice Chairman of Tianjin Culture Media Association, Director of Tianjin Culture Industry Association, Director of Tianjin Creation Industry Association, and guest professor of Nankai University - Binhai College. She has been being devoted and active in laying out and pushing forward combination of IT industry with digital content in entertainment and education in the region, staging in added value services and eco business with related talents and resources across industries integrated and incorporated in.


Mao Jia
Deputy General Manager

Graduated from Peking University with BA in literature and MA in history, admitted by Girton College, Cambridge University for PhD study in international politics, graduated with M.Phil in journalism from Cardiff University, Mr. Mao is senior in media, with 3 years at International News Department, Xinhua News Agency as assistant editor, and 8 years at BBC TV and World Service as program producer. He co-founded and co-run Beyond Multi-Media Corp.in London in 2000, China CG Association in Beijing in 2003, and Asia American Equity Exchange in Miami in 2008 in exclusive partnership with Beijing Equity Exchange. Since 2009 up to now, integrating related resources on both ends, he’s been being constantly committed and active in sourcing for and pushing forward Hollywood bound investment and related M&A, film and slate co-financing and co-production between China and USA, staging in international standard postproduction outsourcing business and related training education in China.


Mu Xiaodong
General Manager Assistant   IP Operation Director 

Pioneered in operating and managing 3D conversion and VFX outsourcing and training with MPAA certificate in China, Mr. Mu participated in cooperation with StereoD, Legend 3D and Gener8 and related outsourcing and training management throughout. As the key person responsible for establishing and managing a 400-stuff Chinese team outsourcing Hollywood contracts with the first MPAA certificate for professional 3D conversion in China, he boasts wealth of experiences and capacity in operating and managing postproduction outsourcing and training in international cooperation environment in China. He played important roles in managing outsourcing Hollywood tent pole movies under contract in China, such as Titanic, Godzilla, and Jupiter Ascending. Mr. Mu is well sensed and capable of all-media and whole industry comprehension, literacy, operation and management.


Liu Yang
Director, Merchandising Business

Graduated from National St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts of Russia, Liu Yang owns degree in sculpture, rich experience and profound ability in theme park designing and related merchandising development. He participated in animation concept designing for multi-country theme park cooperation, such as German Knights Rush, sculpture restoration project of St. Petersburg Pushkin Palace, concept designing for Tianjin Wudadao historical and cultural multimedia museum and execution management, designing for Tianjin Heping Children Library, etc.


Zhang Lei
Film & TV Distribution Director

Participated in producing multiple film and television projects in China, he’s familiar with domestic film and television distribution and related publicity regulations and running system, boasts rich resources and contacts within the related authorities and industry cycle in China. He is also well-connected with resources across industry and business in the region.


Guo Zhichang
Financial Affairs Supervisor

Graduated with BA in accounting from Beijing Technology and Business University, Mr. Guo owns over 10 years of working experience in financial management. Prior to joining in Dreamland, he had worked as financial director at Tianjin Aisidi Industry, Tianjin MINTH, and Tianjin YAAN Technology Co., Ltd. He is well familiar with financial management, with profound experiences and insight in shareholding reform and IPO operation, investment and financing operation, risk control, etc. He owns expertise and professional edges in improving calculation and analysis system, enhancing budget management, strengthening the internal control system, tax planning, and ERP financial-related modules online.


Shao Zheng
Administration Supervisor

Graduated with BA in administration and management, Mr. Shao owns over 10-year experiences in management and human resourcing, with professionalism and capability in routine management, organization, coordination and execution. He’s well conscious in assisting carrying out development strategy, achieving business plan and goal with cost-effective and overall efficient logistics and supports. Prior to joining in Dreamland, he had participated in multiple enterprises’ development and projects, working as management supervisor, such as Wanda Commercial Plaza Management Co., Ltd, Xinbei Investment Group, Mayi Technology, Haoding Zhenglong Group,etc.


Wang Zengkun
GM Project Assistant  Legal Affairs Director

Graduated with MA in international law, Mr. Wang owns 20-yr professional experience in the field with profound expertise and edge in bilingual legal service. Prior to joining in Dreamland, he had worked at Finance Channel of Xinhua Online, and Thomson Reuters' China Law Library for years. He owns wealth of accomplished cases in drawing up and auditing thousands of contracts and legal files, with impressive track record in carrying out professional service, including those for high-end clients like Met Life, Samsung Group, Publishing House of Electronics Industry, Blue Focus Consulting, Beijing Organising Committee for the Olympic Games 2008 and Organizing Committee of Shanghai World Expo 2008, etc.,which scored him honors for professional rigorousness.